It was late night, and we would have eaten anythingTemperature outside: 35 degrees, inside: 18.The upper level is for the womenThe upper level is for the womenBurial ground of several Malaysian leaders and politicians.Burial ground of several Malaysian leaders and politicians.Bubulcus ibisHaliaeetus leucocephalusAsplenium nidusStruthio camelusYou should reserve tickets *early morning*, but you can access the connecting bridge only.Pavo cristatusMycteria ...Struthio camelusStruthio camelusIt is like a folded umbrellaBurial ground of several Malaysian leaders and politicians. It is like a half-folded umbrella.Codiaeum variegatumMacaca fascicularisBubulcus ibisBubulcus ibisBubulcus ibisMycteria ibisEphippiorhynchus asiaticusPavo cristatusPavo cristatusIsmene festalisMycteria ... and Eudocimus ruberEgretta ThulaBubulcus IbisMight be the flower of the banana, but not sure.Cygnus atratusMycteria cinereaBuceros rhinoceros-tailed macaque on the fence
Macaca fascicularis

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Macaca fascicularisA large shopping mallShopping mall district nearby