Moses receives the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai.The With the temporary skating rink and the huge christmas tree - and with part of the Dewey Column and the famous Westin St. Francis Hotel in the background.The parallels are the Filbert and the Greenwich streets, which run through San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood with the Saints Peter and Paul Church in the center.As seen from the Telegraph Hill in the late afternoon.Located at 666 Filbert Street… :)The most populous city named after Saint Francis of Assisi is San Francisco.The picture was taken at the intersection of Mason and California Street. The huge height differences and the steepness of the streets are just amazing.… as seen from Twin Peaks. The bright strip in the middle is Market Street.Shopping mall district nearbyBuilt by Miklós Esterházy the 2ndThis is a Roman Chatolic Church in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, which is known as With the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, looking from Coit Tower.As seen from Point Lobos.… as seen from Twin Peaks.As seen from Fort Point.

On the picture one can find the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts, the pinnacle of the Transamerica Pyramid, the Coit Tower and the pillars of the Bay Bridge.… from Marina Green.Mission Street is really impressiveBuilt by Miklós Esterházy the 2nd