People are gazing the Tree of Hope and listening the jazz tunes.
The floor made out of Tennessee pink marble, the walls are made of Colorado limestone.Chinatown treasures in the shop named 'Michael' at the Dragon Gate.Chinatown treasures in the shop named 'Michael' at the Dragon Gate.The Tree of Hope has thousands of origami paper cranes bearing wishes from around the world, from the likes of President Obama and Jane Goodall to anonymous schoolkids.I wish people would stop killing other peoples' families. That's not right for the other family!Ok, we didn't find Obama's wish, but this one is just :D

My wish for the world is that we would stop raising too many cows because their farts make green house gasses.… in San Francisco style.Shopping mall district nearbySlatebacked western gulls.Especially on a hot summer day.A large shopping mallHaliaeetus leucocephalus