Black-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeerA smile and a wink for the tourists.Macaca fascicularisThey are pretty noisy. Adult males can attain a length over 8 feet and weigh up to 800 pounds.Black-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeersBlack-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeersThose little spots at the top of the cliff are California Sea Lions.Harbor Seals are smaller than sea lions and look like swollen cigars.

Unlike sea lions, their ears are not visible, and the short rear flippers, which point away from the body, are unsuited for moving about on land. They are usually silent, and love to bask on rocks just above the water.Sea otters eat and sleep in this position and seldom come ashore.-tailed macaque on the fence
Macaca fascicularis

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Macaca fascicularis