Western gulls.Pavo cristatusBlack-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeerThe smart black-and-white head makes them easy to identify. They hop across the ground and through low foliage in brushy habitats.

Alaskan white-crowned sparrows migrate about 2,600 miles to winter in Southern California.Western gull.A smile and a wink for the tourists.On the left, beneath the southern side of the bridge Fort Point can be seen.

First, Spain built a The Palace of Fine Arts is a grandiose building wich was originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. This is the only structure of the few surviving ones which is still situated on its original site.

The Palace intended to stand only for the duration of the Exhibition. Although it hadn't been built of durable materials, it was so beloved that it was saved from demolition.

After years of various uses, in 1964 the building was reconstructed in permanent materials. Still in that decade it became home to the Exploratorium (an interactive museum) and the Palace of Fine Arts Theater.Bubulcus IbisPavo cristatusBubulcus ibisMacaca fascicularisStruthio camelusStatue of Plenty

Part of the Pioneer Monument with a disrespectful gullThey are pretty noisy. Adult males can attain a length over 8 feet and weigh up to 800 pounds.Black-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeersBlack-tailed Mule DeerBlack-tailed Mule DeersThose little spots at the top of the cliff are California Sea Lions.Harbor Seals are smaller than sea lions and look like swollen cigars.

Unlike sea lions, their ears are not visible, and the short rear flippers, which point away from the body, are unsuited for moving about on land. They are usually silent, and love to bask on rocks just above the water.Slatebacked western gulls.Sea otters eat and sleep in this position and seldom come ashore.Atop the colonnade there are weeping women in every corner.-tailed macaque on the fence
Macaca fascicularis

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Macaca fascicularisBuceros rhinocerosMycteria cinereaCygnus atratusEgretta ThulaMycteria ... and Eudocimus ruberEphippiorhynchus asiaticusMycteria ibisBubulcus ibisBubulcus ibisStruthio camelusMycteria ...Pavo cristatusStruthio camelusHaliaeetus leucocephalusBubulcus ibis